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It’s October! Support a Great Cause + Get Active!

By Marta Viciedo

October 3, 2023

Breast Cancer Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! There is no better way to support this amazing effort than by participating in a local activity like a walk/run event or a fun fitness class.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established in 1985  with two specific goals. First, it serves to increase awareness of this complex, often devastating disease. Secondly, the designation and month’s activities helps raise funds for research, prevention and treatment. Probably the most well-known breast cancer awareness activity is hosted by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The organization’s annual walk/run events held in October were previously known as the Race for the Cure. More recently, the organization introduced the More Than Pink Walk to make the activity accessible to most participants.

Physical Activity and Prevention

There is no coincidence that Breast Cancer Awareness Month features many physical activity events. According to the latest research, women who regularly exercise reduce their risk of having breast cancer by up to 20%. Regular exercise is considered 3 to 5 hours of moderate activity per week (less than one hour each day). Alternatively, 1 to 2 hours a week of intense, vigorous activity would also count. Similar research has been done on other health conditions, including  diabetes, heart disease, obesity, other cancers, and dementia. The findings are consistent across the board. Regular physical activity can decrease an individual’s risk of developing these diseases, in some cases by almost 50%.  Even a simple walk taken regularly helps decrease stress and boost mental health almost immediately.

How to Participate

One of the best ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and get your recommended amount of activity is by participating in the numerous active events – including walks, runs, workout sessions, yoga, and more – all happening this month across our community. Below is a list of the top 2023 events to get you started:

  • Wednesday, October 11, 7:00pm | Yoga + Sound Healing for Breast Cancer Month, Urbanica Fifth Hotel, 803 5th Street Rooftop Miami Beach, FL (Register)
  • Saturday, October 14, 7:00am | Komen More Than Pink Walk, Amelia Earhart Park, 401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL (Register)
  • Saturday, October 21, 7:00am | MCRAA Breast Cancer Awareness Walk & Run, Miami Central Senior High, 1781 Northwest 95th Street Miami, FL (Register)
  • Saturday, October 21, 8:30am | Zumba for Breast Cancer Awareness at Be You 360, 1401 Westward Drive, Miami, FL (Register)
  • Saturday, October 28, 7:00am | Making Strides of Miami-Dade at Loan Depot Park, 501 NW 16th Ave, Miami, FL (Register)